Why Us

Our Story

At Southstead Finance we are finance brokers who imagine new possibilities. A secure home. Better lifestyle. New community. Look to the future and dream big. What do you see? Getting the keys to your first house? The one near the beach? Starting your own business? We know receiving the right finance advice could set you up for the future. That’s why we share our more than 19 years’ experience to help you see new possibilities.

Why Us?

Connecting YOU with the lifestyle you desire

Big goals need a plan and someone to help you implement it. At Southstead Finance, we don’t see roadblocks, we see opportunities, and will help you achieve your financial ambitions with the right loan. We take the time to understand your budget and goals and use this information to research and tailor a loan that connects you with the lifestyle you desire.

Southstead Finance does all the things a good finance broker should – match you with competitive loans which may save you money for the future – but we also encourage you to dream big and do everything in our power to give you the lifestyle you want.

Time and money

Different lenders cater for different kinds of borrowers. That’s why we compare hundreds of loans from more than 30 of Australia’s most trusted lenders – finding one who matches your lifestyle needs, which may save you time and money.

Wealth of experience

The Principal, Amy Howard, has more than 19 years lending experience with a detailed understanding of the home and investment loan market. Amy will discover suitable loan products, options and interest rates to suit your needs to help you achieve the lifestyle you desire.

Assess your borrowing capacity

We take a deep dive into your finances to establish borrower capacity and match you with a personal finance solution to meet your needs.

Guide you through the process

We guide you through budgeting, loan application and approval times. We’re realistic with timeframes and give you the support you need along the way.

Your friend for life

We help you with your finance needs throughout every stage of your life – from your first home, or even a new car or funding for your small business. We’ll help you achieve the lifestyle you want and use your income and borrowing power wisely to support your lifestyle in the future.

Personal service

We build strong personal relationships with our clients. You will have one point of contact – engaging directly with the Principal who takes the time to understand your personal financial situation, dreams and goals for the future. You can expect to hear from us regularly with important information that is relevant to you to help make an informed decision.

At Southstead Finance We Understand What’s Important to You

The Principal, Amy Howard, is a credit representative of Connective Credit Services and has more than 19 years lending experience with a detailed understanding of the home and investment loan market. Amy bought her first home when she was 20 and it showed her how owning a property at a young age can give you the freedom to live the life you want in the future. Amy is passionate about helping you do the same whether it’s buying your dream home or starting your own business.

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Our Vision

At Southstead Finance, we advocate for who you aspire to be – relaxed, happy and free. We’ve had the same goals and achieved them, the same aspirations and we live them. Now we want to make it happen for you.

Although we do all the things a good broker should – help you make sense of your finances, match you with competitive mortgage rates, and save you time now and money in the future – we’re more about permitting you to live the life you want and the ability to make it happen.

Our Mission

Connecting people with the lifestyle they desire.

Our Values


Nothing is more important than our reputation, behaving with high standards and being trustworthy and honest.

Striving for Excellence

We never give up for our clients. We continuously learn and improve to provide the best service to our customers.



We treat all our clients with respect. We listen and genuinely care. We are non-judgemental and empathetic.


Committed to Community

We volunteer, educate and support our local community.

Outstanding Service

We keep it simple and get it right for our customers, no matter what.


We’ll always be open and honest and will share timely information with you. When it comes to tough situations, we will always have a plan or solution for you.

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Step Three

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